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Sorry to be bothering you guys a lot lately but Anime North is coming up and Damien and i are deciding what to cosplay (because we love waiting till the last minute). We’ve talked about doing Sherlock and Watson before  but I’m iffy on it. I would be down for doing a young sherlock or even more so a fem!Sherlock with coat and scarf but I’m very iffy on doing the classic BBC Sherlock. Also this is by no means a finished cosplay we still need to find everything this was just a make-up and hair test with my coat and scarf.

What do you guys think? BBC Sherlock, Fem!Sherlock, or Young Sherlock?

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    I’m not crying i swear! But seriously…your comment made my day, thank you.
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  4. spookyness-evident answered: wow you look so much like sherlock but uh i am always promoting the genderbending so i say fem!lock, up to you of course though
  5. rudywolfe answered: perfect!
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  7. sabrajay answered: As long as you do both SHerlock AND Wqatson I think BBC or Fem! would both be awesome :0) But it’s always fun to do Fem versions methinks
  8. flix-n-flask answered: that looks perfect as it is now
  9. tavish-degroot answered: FEM!LOCK
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  11. lithefider answered: I see a lot of BBC Sherlock, maybe Young Sherlock, or even Robery Downy Jr Sherlock?
  12. hammerlock said: i think with a bit of makeup contours you’d make for an excellent sherlock!