My name is Rebecca Anne, friends call me Fox, born and raised in South Florida, now in Toronto, Canada. I'm the co-founder of Identity Productions, artist, writer, musician, gamer, cosplayer, trekkher, and so on. You'll find Attack on Titan, Doctor Who, Merlin, Teen Wolf, LOTR, Tomb Raider, L4D2, Sherlock, TF2, Supernatural, Mavel, Cosplay, Tattoos, and other things I can't remember, here.

Steam: Comrade Bagels or FennecFox777
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jean wtf #fanexpo #snk #attackontitan #cosplay #jean #levi #trash

Wow I’m trash.
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I’m just saying, I think we all know who the best Jaeger pilot team would be.image




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Just remember: even if you can’t slay dragons and shoot fireballs from your hands, you can step over small objects in your path, and that makes you more badass than a lot of video game characters.

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Otakuthon was amazing! So many photos to come!

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identitypollution and I will be gone for the weekend having fun times at Otakuthon with our friend archiwrecked! If you see us say hi!

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Ruff and Tuff
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Moxxi prep WHAT WHAT! They aren’t lace but that’s ok. This is much comfier.

Look at my hot as hell Moxxi! Damn~
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Anyone else side eyeing the new Steam logo?